Romantic Places in Greece to Visit on Your Vacation

by - Jun 12, 2018

Greece is one of the most popular honeymoon destinations. It’s famous for the rich history, yet its beautiful and exotic islands attract travelers more. Lovebirds flock here to spend their romantic Greece vacation, while a lot of couples decide to tie the knot on one of the Greek islands. Wedding pictures taken in Greece will be well worth an Instagram post, and a vacation spent in one of the most romantic hotels in Greece will definitely be unforgettable. If you look forward to discovering the most romantic places in Greece, here they are, provided by Russian dating site


This island has long been known as the “wedding island”. Thousands of couples come here every year to give the vows. Santorini is not only is not only the best Greek island, it’s also one of the most popular islands in the world. It’s famous for its scenic 360-degree panoramas, white houses, incredible sunsets, ideal beaches, world-class resorts, and even a volcano.


Crete is the largest and the most densely-populated island in Greece. A vast array of hotels, shops, bars, restaurants, and nightclubs is concentrated here. The island has something to offer for every couple. The landscape that features scenic mountains and beautiful beaches gives a lot of opportunities for active and passive romantic adventures. History lovers will definitely set off for archeological sites, such as the Palace of Knossos.


If you want to party hard, then Mykonos is the right place, as the choice of nightclubs and bars is overwhelming here. During the day, you can enjoy exploring the maze of polished by tourists’ feet small streets. If you’re into beautiful architecture, you’ll like the Cycladic style of romantic hotels in Greece.


Very often, couples want to have their wedding ceremony right on this island, because it’s said to be patronized by Saint Spyridon. This saint is said to strengthen the matrimonial ties. Arguably the most romantic place on Corfu is the village of Paleokastritsa with its silvery sand beaches, green groves, cliffs, and heart-shaped bays.


The island is cloaked in legends and myths. Despite its modern facilities, it keeps the Ancient Greece and medieval spirit. Locals are very friendly and hospitable, so the atmosphere on the island is perfect for exploring many of its villages. There are many luxurious hotels and villas to stay in. It’s possible to find a lot of secluded beaches to escape the crowds of other vacationers. Take your loved one to the Butterfly Valley – it’s an exciting experience.


Symi is a small island not far from Rhodes. It’s just a perfect place for a romantic couple who want some isolation and tranquility. Symi welcomes its guests with pastel villas, secluded beaches, green cypress trees, and relaxed vibe.


If you’re looking for some magical place to go to in Greece, then Chios is the right place for you. Set off for the mastic village Pyrgi to see the uniquely painted buildings. For more impressions, visit Nea Moni monastery. Feel the medieval vibe walking through the maze of the arched streets of Mesta – an extremely charming village. Apart from all the architectural attractions, the beaches are awesome too.


This list of romantic places in Greece would be incomplete without the capital city of Greece – Athens. From the world heritage sites to posh restaurants and secret bars – you’ll find what to do in Athens with your significant other. While going sightseeing, don’t miss the opportunity to take a stroll hand in hand in the National Garden. There a lot of good venues to have a dinner by the sea and watch the sunset.

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