Top Rated Massage Chairs in Malaysia

by - Disember 04, 2021

There’s nothing quite like coming back to a nice massage to help you relieve muscle and stress after a long day sitting in the office. However, hiring a personal masseuse is not going to be cheap and you might just be too exhausted to drive out to a massage center once you get back from work. A solution to all that is to invest in a massage chair right at home. 

Massage chairs used to be a luxury for most but with advanced technology, more and more companies are creating affordable massage chairs that suit a wide range of budgets so that everyone can enjoy the relaxation they deserve. With an extensive variety of massage chairs available in the market, it is understandable that it can get a little confusing to pick the best choice for your home. Luckily for you, we’ve done the hard work for you and have curated the top-rated massage chairs in Malaysia that will suit your lifestyle and budget. 

Ogawa Smart Vogue Prime Massage Chair

If you’re looking for the best massage chair that does it all, then the Ogawa Smart Vogue Prime Massage Chair might just be your cup of tea. This massage chair offers a full body massage experience that feels just like real human hands with an SL-track system designed to deliver utmost relaxation to your neck and back. 

The chair is made with luxurious synthetic material and comes equipped with useful automatic features to feel like you have a professional masseuse right at home. Thanks to a Zero Gravity feature, the Ogawa Smart Vogue Prime can recline to 3 different “floating” levels to relieve spine and back pressure. It’s even paired with lower back heat therapy and airbags located throughout the seats covering areas like shoulders, arms, hips, legs, and feet to pamper you from neck to toes. 

SNOWFIT Revival Massage Chair

The SNOWFIT Revival Massage Chair is a true symbol of luxury and delivers first-class massage experience in the comforts of your own home. This premium massage chair comes with AI Smart Sensing technology that automatically calibrates its settings to fit your body size and position. There’s also the 3D Deep Fascia Massage movement that penetrates deep into your muscles to get that stubborn knot out. 

In addition to its soft and smooth fabric material, the massage chair comes with 12 automatic modes and 50 layers of airbags spread across the entire chair that you have full control over with a built-in tablet panel. It also features Graphene Heating to offer you a comfortable warmth to both back and legs for pain relief. 

OSIM uDivine Mini 2 Massage Chair

Live in an apartment but still want to come home to a nice, comfy massage chair? Then look no further than the OSIM uDivine Mini 2 that comes in a compact design to fit in smaller spaces. This full body massage chair features a long L-shaped track that’s 117cm long while only taking up 0.82m2 and a width of 70cm of space. Other than your back, the massage chair also comes with airbags for your hands. 

Furthermore, the 360 degrees roller balls ensure you get a comprehensive and delightful body massage by hitting all the right massage spots at the right pressure. In terms of adjustability, the chair comes with 3 different shoulder levels and rollers with 2 levels of intensity to suit individual preference. 

OGAWA Mysofa Extended Massage Chair

The OGAWA Mysofa is the perfect choice for those who want a massage chair that complements their modern home décor while still delivering quality home massages. This chair is designed with sophistication and elegance in mind. Albeit petite, it is powerful enough to massage away any sore muscles accumulated after a long day of work. 

The Zero Wall design feature also means that the full body massage chair only needs 3cm of wall clearance. Combining 5 human massage techniques, vibration function and 4 automatic programs, this chair is sure to help you achieve the deepest relaxation possible. 

SNOWFIT Fantasia II Intelligent Massage Chair

This is the best affordable massage chair for those who have a tight budget. Despite the cheaper price tag, the massage chair is anything but cheap in quality. The Fantasia II includes premium features such as an inclining function, Zero Gravity position, 3D massage rollers, and airbags throughout the seat for a very relaxing full body massage. 

We hope our guide on the top 5 best massage chairs in Malaysia has helped you out in your search for the top-rated chair to rub away the knots and tension from your body. 

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