Beaches you should visit in Malaysia

by - Julai 14, 2019

Buying a house nowadays is difficult, especially for young working adults who have just started working. Therefore, more people are looking for a place to rent instead of buying a house. Interested renters could consider renting a house at OUG Parklane while working hard to save for a house. Although it is important to save up to buy a house, it is also important to give yourself a well deserved holiday once in awhile. A beach holiday might be a good idea if you need to take a short break. There are a grand total of 878 islands in Malaysia and you no longer need to go overseas for a beach holiday. Malaysia has some really beautiful beaches that you could visit and I promise it is as beautiful as the beaches overseas. This article will guide you through some beaches that you should visit in Malaysia. 

1. Long Beach
Long Beach is located at Pulau Perhentian Kecil, which is the smaller island of the two Perhentian Islands. This beach is beautiful on its own with beautiful white sand for travelers to take a stroll. Or if you like, you could use the sunbeds offered by the resorts and enjoy your glass of cocktails. This is also a perfect spot for those who enjoy sun tanning. 

For those who are interested in the water activities, there are diving schools and travel agencies available that offer snorkeling tours. The price to dive is one of the cheapest that you can find and your diving trips will definitely be fun. You can to see beautiful fishes, and if you are lucky, you might be able to see some cute turtles under the water.

You will need to take a 40 minutes boat journey to reach Long Beach. 

2. Juara Beach
Juara Beach on Tioman Island is one of the most beautiful beaches in Malaysia. It is located at a secluded spot, with a turtle conservation project. Therefore, you get to see some baby turtles hatching. The Juara Turtle Project allows you to learn more on the endangered turtles. It is a volunteer based conservation project that manages the impact of pollution and threats to the environment. 

There are water activities available as well, such as snorkeling and scuba diving. If you are an adventurous person who loves jungle trekking, there is a short trail available, with a waterfall hidden in the jungle where you can take a dip in. 

3. Pantai Cenang
Pantai Cenang is located in Langkawi, approximately 15 minutes drive from Langkawi Airport. Pantai Cenang is one the most famous beaches in Malaysia, with many restaurants, shops and places to stay. 

Despite being a tourist spot, it is no doubt that Pantai Cenang is gorgeous, with beautiful white sand surrounding the emerald blue seawater. There are plenty of water sports activities that you can enjoy, such as the banana boat rides, jet skiing, paragliding or island hopping if you would like to. 

The nightlife at Pantai Cenang is fantastic as well. You can also sit by the beach bars or restaurants at night to relax yourself from all the stress that you have accumulated over the time. What can be better from watching the beautiful sunsets, while drinking beers and meeting new people from all over the world?

4. Tanjung Rhu
Tanjung Rhu is located in Langkawi and is one of the best beaches in Malaysia that one should visit. Tanjung Rhu is well known for its clean and quiet area, white sandy beach with beautiful clear blue seawater, definitely a good place for you to unwind from the busy city. Be sure to catch the beautiful sunset here as the sunset here is mesmerizing. 

5. Sipadan Island
Many tourists visit Sipadan Island for its amazing diving activity. In fact, is is said to be one of the best destinations for diving. As to preserve the beaches here, the locals require diving permits to be purchased in advance before the divers could dive. At Sipadan Island, you get to see many beautiful water creatures, such as different types of fishes, cute sea turtles and other sea creatures. These beautiful creatures will keep you in awe as you dive along.

6. Rawa Island Resort & Beach
Rawa Island is located inside Sultan Iskandar Marine Park. Rawa Island is well known for its slides that you cannot find elsewhere in Malaysia. 

At Rawa Island, you get to choose which activity to participate in, such as snorkeling, scuba diving, cat sailing or even kayaking. It is said that the water sports activities in Rawa Island are worth a gold star. 

If water activities are not your cup of tea, just sit back and relax as you watch the sun slowly disappearing over the horizon. 

In conclusion, there are many beaches in Malaysia that you can visit. Make sure you keep the beaches clean and throw your rubbish as you leave. Nobody loves a dirty beach so do your part in making sure the beach is clean and protected. 

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